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Fossil fuels (charcoal, oil and natural gas) currently represent one of the most used energy sources worldwide.

Their success could be explained by their high energy density and easy storage. In France, almost half of the energy production is based on Fossil energy, and 94% of transportation in Europe is made thanks to fossil fuels.

However, the negative impact on climate has lead people to put the use of these fuels in question and, today, the scientific community searches for solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  (GHG). Biofuel and alternatives, such as electricity and hydrogen, are considered to be potential solutions. Nevertheless, their development stage is not enough advanced to use them as definitive replacement solutions.

According to IEA (International Energy Agency) global energy demand should increase by 35% between 2011 and 2035. This growth should mostly come from emerging countries, where energy demand should increase by 50%, whereas it should remain stable in OECD countries.

What our energy future will be?