Procestec advises and assists various industrial companies willing to optimize their energy policy:

  • Oil industry (upstream/downstream)
  • Chemical and petrochemical production
  • Food processing industry
  • Energy and renewable energy industry

Our team is solely composed of seasoned engineers specialized in project management and development. They will assist you through all the phases of your project, starting from conception to construction and launch.

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Why choosing Procestec?

Thanks to our experienced team, Procestec is a reference in the application of process-engineering competences for the industrial market.
Procestec projects include a large panel of services that regroup all tasks closely related to engineering:

  • Process conception
  • Simulation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Debottlenecking
  • Process optimization
  • Unit operation sizing
  • Operation support

Do you want to make a partnership to improve your in-house competences?

We closely collaborate with our clients to offer them tailored solutions that fit their needs. Our goal is to “team up” with them and find the best ways to improve, simplify, and reduce costs in order to help them grow and provide them with sustainable success.

Procestec is unique and our specific features will soon become competitive advantages for your company:

  • More simple and effective solutions supply thanks to simplified reports
  • Reduced management delivery
  • Integrated approach of deliverable products
  • Rationalized standards that help saving and reducing deadline for replies
  • Competitive rates for cost effectiveness
  • Wide working range on various business models

Outsourced process engineering is a source of multiple advantages

Entrusting the management of these services to an outsourced partner will bring you some strategic benefits:

Increased Attention

Outsourced process-engineering teams are more devoted to projects compared to in-house teams. In-house engineers are often involved in other activities; thus, they cannot remain entirely focused on project management.

Faster Mobilization

An outsourced team of process-engineers can rapidly adapt and provide an expertise that couldn’t be developed in-house because of constant workflow (hydraulic calculations and pipes flow systems).

Procestec has the ability to work out in the field very fast thanks to its senior engineers. We help our clients to save money and avoid the potential risk of recruitment.

Sustainable results

Outsourced process-engineering services will give your company a more long-lasting intellectual property. Basic knowledge transfer will also be more efficient than with in-house recruitment.

Once your project is over, numerous in-house team members get involved in other projects or leave the company. Procestec can provide your company with in-house adapted documentation and offers you more flexibility if you need to recruit for a new project.

Cost optimization

Working with an outsourced process-engineering company will bring you skilled external resources without adding constant operating costs. Once the project is over, you won’t have to keep these resources, like you usually do with your in-house employees.

Outsourcing shall also allow you to better control and monitor your costs, than using in-house resources.