Audit and diagnosis of your facilities

Energy represents one of the main production costs for companies operating in sectors such as industry, production and services. Once utilities (steam, electricity, hot water…) are directly generated on-site, the optimization of this production, in line with the real energy needs of the site, becomes a major environmental and economic issue.

Procestec is well aware of these issues. We provide our clients with expertise and global vision and we adapt our services to their specific needs in energy optimization:

  • We make an audit and a diagnosis of your facilities
  • We optimize the energetic performances of your facilities
  • We secure the production of utilities
  • We enhance energy recycling
  • We secure your operation

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Our 3 steps workflow:

  • Step 1: Briefing and study of your needs
  • Step 2: Analysis of your facilities
  • Un bilan et une proposition de plan directeur de conception de nos prestations
  • Step 3: Efficient engineering based on multidisciplinary competences in order to bring a global solution that fits your needs